Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MAC Haul With Swatches!


So I have a small, but exciting MAC haul to share today.  I purchased one lipstick, and two eye shadows!  Overall, I love MAC, but it is rather difficult to get it where I live.  So when I do make it to a MAC, it makes me absolutely giddy! :)

I got the Viva Glam Nicki lipstick, and this color is just divine!  You can wear it sheered-out, or at full color.  The formula of course, is amazing.  One piece of advice is to make sure that your lips are nicely exfoliated and moisturized ahead of time.  When you wear this color, dry and chapped lips are intensified!  I used my Bliss Fabulips Sugar Scrub this morning, and made sure that my lips were prepped to wear this fun color today!

This is the color at full intensity with a clear gloss topping it off.

This is the color sheered-out and topped with Bare Minerals 7 Layer Cake gloss.

This is the color at a distance, it is sheered-out here as well.

Now, for my eye shadow choices, I wanted to get two colors that will compliment each other, but can also be versatile and work well with other shades too.  I had a specific look in mind when I got these two, and of course, I will film a tutorial for my desired look!  

I got Tilt, which is a frost that I would describe as a green/blue iridescent shade.  MAC classifies Tilt as a "violet with blue-green pearl."  I also got Copperplate, which is a matte that I would describe as either a grey, or cool brown shade.  Depending on what colors you pair it with, you could use this shadow with a wide variety of color combinations!  MAC describes Copperplate as a "muted mid-tone grey."  The swatches below show both colors with a base of Too Faced Shadow Insurance (top row), and just straight onto my skin (bottom row.)

Hope you all have a fantastic day! :)

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