Friday, April 13, 2012

Beauty Deals!

I am always on the hunt for good deals on beauty products, especially ones that I use regularly.  Anytime I come across something good, I will always pass it on!  

So I went to Ulta the other day because I had one of those nice 20% off coupons that did not exclude prestige brands.  I needed more of my Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser, this was the main reason for my visit.  So, once I got to the Philosophy section, I was so sad to see that they seemed to be out of the 16 oz. bottles.  I even asked someone to check in the back for me, but they were completely sold out.  But, when I was wandering around the store, I ended up finding something even better!  I found a box set that came with the 16 oz. cleanser AND a full-size package of the Purity Cleansing Cloths.  The price for this set was $39, whereas the 16 oz. bottle of the cleanser is $32.  So I ended up getting the wipes for $7.  They are regularly $20, so I saved $13 in the end.  Now, the wipe thing is ideal for me since I use wipes to remove my eye makeup before I cleanse at night, and before and after working out.  If I did not use makeup remover wipes regularly, it may not have ended up being worth the couple extra dollars.  In my case it definitely was though.  I've been wanting to try the Purity Cleansing Cloths for a while now because I really love the Purity Cleanser.  Since I also had the 20% off coupon, I ended up getting that value kit for just over $31.  So for me, this was a great deal!  I typically use the Yes to Cucumbers cleansing wipes, so I am interested to see how the Philosophy ones compare to those.

The other deal that I came across was something that I did not need, but I am happy that I found!  Butter London is one of my favorite nail polish brands, but I struggle with how expensive they are, and how quickly the polish chips on me!  I like the fact that they do not contain those harsh chemicals that some other nail polish brands contain.  I also know that you get the best results from the polishes when they are paired with Butter London's top coat and base coat. I've been using my Butter London polishes with my Orly Bonder and Seche Vite top coat.  I have been delaying buying the B.L. ones because of the price, but I came across this value kit, and decided I would take the plunge.  I am so glad that I did because I am so pleased with how the other products perform.  I once borrowed the base coat and top coat from Butter London from my friend, and I was so impressed with how much of a difference they make.  They recently released this value kit that comes with all of the essentials, and the cost is $39.  So, with the kit you get a full-size top coat, base coat, nail polish color of your choice, and a mini nail polish remover.  All of these products separately would cost $55, so with the kit you save $16.  Which is quite a bit, you could get another nail polish with the money you save! ;)  Plus, with  my 20% coupon, again it was only $31.

The thing that I have come to realize about the Butter London line is that I really needed to just invest in the entire system.  When you are paying this much for a nail polish, you really want to get the very most out of the product.  I see now that this means just biting the bullet and using their base coat and top coat.  I am glad that I got this, I did my nails on the same day that I went to Ulta, and I am still chip-free 3 days later.  Which is impressive for my nails!!  With my regular base coat and top coat, I get one chip-free day MAX out of Butter London polishes.  So I am a very happy camper now!

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