Friday, September 7, 2012

Almay Wake-Up Eyeshadow + Primer Review

So I saw an ad for this new product from Almay in my September issue of Vogue.  I was really intrigued by this product, mainly because of the primer.  The primer in infused with a "touch" of caffeine, which is supposed to help brighten your eyes.  The primer is iridescent, and it goes on so smoothly, like butter, if you will. ;)  My eyes were instantly brighter, and even after I put the shadows on, my eyes still looked brighter than usual.  Now, as far as creasing goes, I have never had problems with my shadows creasing, so I can't really comment on that.  If I had to guess, I would say that the likelihood for creasing is minimal, the primer is not greasy, and it isn't super cakey.  As far as I am concerned, the eyeshadows themselves are just ok.  I like the colors, I like the formula, but they really aren't anything too special.  That being said, I think that Almay should sell the primer individually as well, I would definitely buy that product! 

The shade of the primer changes a little bit based on which kit you get.  It is tinted to match the shadows in the kits.  Unfortunately, at my Target, they were sold out of the other two kits, so I had no choice but to get Invigorate, but I'm ok with that, I do like these colors.  They aren't the best for my skin tone, and eye color, but they are still pretty, and I will be wearing them again.  Right now they have only released three different sets, maybe if this product takes off, they will expand the color options, which would be nice.

My biggest complaint is the packaging.  I think it was silly to put the open pan of primer right next to the shadows.  I've used this kit twice now, and my primer is already getting contaminated with shadow pigments.  No matter how careful I am, eyeshadow is getting into the primer,which is something that is driving me nuts.  Almay could remedy this by making the primer section closed somehow.  Does that make sense?  I just think it needs to be covered so nothing can get into it.  But so far that is my only complaint.  


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